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this youtuber just described kissing as “making a gross mouth party on” someone omg

Anonymous asked: hey, so originally i was going to kill myself today. one of my friends tried really hard to help me and i really hate it when they do that, because i will die guilty. so, we agreed that i would send my favourite blog a message. basically, she said per hundred notes, i push back my suicide date by a week. honestly, i might not be able to do it, so who knows, i might be dead quite soon. but she said to look at the notes and see who really cares about me. so yeah. you probably wont care though






no no no please don’t kill yourself, that is not the right thing to do. please don’t do it

FUCK EVERYONE PLSASE REBLOG THIS NOW or I’ll hit you with my kidney


Don’t even think twice, reblog this. 

2,340 days. With 16690 notes. Thats all she has left. LETS MAKE IT MORE GUYS

THIS IS BLACKMAIL. You don’t need notes anon, you need to learn the proper way to ask for help/attention and a shrink. Going “you probably won’t care though” is accusitorily manipulative as shit. Threatening people emotionally only leads to more hurt people and it doesn’t make you better. See instead op could’ve said “Hey, I’m feeling down and I think I might hurt myself. Reblog this to let me know people care about me and don’t want me to.” In addition they could’ve braved going off anon and requested nice messages and people to talk to. But THIS though, this IS guilting. It’s something not everybody can see but my dad used to have severe depression and he would pull shit like this whenever I didn’t say and do everything exactly the way he wanted me to. Nobody else was allowed to feel or so much as speak. That isn’t seeking attention, that’s seeking control and trying to hurt people to make your own ass feel better cuz you feed off that. There’s a difference between guilting/threatening people and seeking help, and this message (that I’ve seen like 3 other anons do) is the former.